Transformers 5 – Eh!

T5 is the most up-scaled of all the Transformer films – it has a deeper mythos, is bigger in scale, much more metal-on-metal action (not THAT kind of action) and is visually stunning. It still lacks that X factor that makes decent films good.

Yes, it totally satisfies the reptilian instinct inside you and it is thankfully not boring or too long, but it still misses heart!


The story of the film is actually not bad. The mythos is well built up and connected to Earth’s historical events & key people in history pretty well. Even the screenplay is alright & doesn’t really ramble. However, the big problem in the writing is the handling of the characters. A) Optimus is wasted. They really don’t do much for him as a character. B) There are too many characters in the film. Most of them new. Very few of them are given proper setups and seem to be in the movie to simply fill up screen space, I suppose. There are characters introduced who are set up as if they have a major role to play but don’t. Strange waste of money…

The visuals of the film are stunning. Excellent job by the Animation & VFX team as well as the world-building team that built Cybertron and the new ship that they’ve introduced in the film (won’t play spoiler and give up any details). Locations chosen & shot in are also excellent. Background score is, as usual, is OTT.

Overall, very well produced and ok-ok directed film. Full action, no emotion.


Performances are decent. Mark Wahlberg is competent. Laura Haddock looks decently hot and despite having decent screen time, it seems like that was pretty much the brief given to her. The little kid Isabel Doner is fine in the little screen time she has. Quite a waste. Sir Anthony Hopkins is excellent, but seems to have been given a ‘please play a lunatic absent minded professor’ brief. Why, I do not know! The transformer characters are well visualised, but written poorly.

Overall, Transformers 5 is worth seeing for the visuals & scale. Enjoyable while is plays out, but not memorable.