Murder on the Orient Express – Loved it!

Almost everyone born in the 60s-70s-80s has grown up on Agatha Christie & Hercule Poirot. We loved David Suchet as the brilliant yet quirky detective in the TV series as well… With the reboot, I was looking forward to continuing the enjoyment. And I was not let down. Not one bit!


With story being well known to everyone, it came down to everything else – the treatment, the screenplay, the production design, and the performances. And ALL of it is TOP NOTCH!

The screenplay, despite keeping pace on the slower side of things, is crisp and compelling. Keeps you hooked. Visually, the film is OUTSTANDING! Production Design, Cinematography & VFX is so so good that its impossible to tell what is real and what is not. Background score is appropriately perfect.

Excellently directed by Kenneth Branagh.

The ensemble casting and their performances are what makes the film. Kenneth Branagh may have been an odd choice for Poirot as he is generally described as a shorter & stouter man, but Branagh delivers excellently.

The rest of the ensemble cast is probably one of the best ones ever assembled. And they all deliver excellent performances. Seriously, with a cast comprising Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Daisy Ridley, Josh Gad and several other brilliant performers, the level of performance is, needless-to-say, fantastic!!!

All-in-all, Murder on the Orient Express is a must see on the big screen. I have a feeling this could be the start of a brand-new Agatha Christie films series.

Missed Reviews – Justice League, Qarib Qarib Single, Ittefaq, Thor Ragnarok.

Past month has been crazy busy so have not been able to write about the movies I saw…

So here’s putting it all into short reviews for these 4…

Thor Ragnarok – Fantastic entertainment. Good 3rd film of the Thor story. That said, it makes you want an individual Hulk story even more. Interplay between Thor & Hulk is the highlight of this film, so is the fabulous Cate Blanchett! Damn, that woman does not age!!! Go see it ASAP, if not already seen.

Qarib Qarib Single – Good entertainment.Basic premise is a little weak & screenplay is patchy. That is, however, made up by Irrfan Khan’s screen presence, comic timing and dialogue delivery.  Parvathy tries her best but is yet not as memorable as she should be. Overall, a movie to see for Irrfan and to see Incredible India!

Ittefaq – Decent film. Good tight screenplay, right upto the last 15 mins. Performances make the film. Siddharth Malhotra becoming better & better in his acting abilities. Akshaye Khanna is the star of the film. He really should do more work. That said, the last 15 mins feels like a letdown of an otherwise kick-ass film. If you missed this, its alright…

Justice League – Awesome film! Its got some of the darkness of Batman v Superman and all the light of Wonder Woman. Plot is weak. The bad guy is caricaturish and screenplay / plotpoints are expected. Performances are excellent. Gal Gadot looks like a goddess (damn, she’s hot!). Action & VFX are fabulous. If you haven’t seen Justice League already, go see it ASAP!!!