Raazi – Alia Bhatt is something else – a Force of Nature…

So, the first thing that strikes you at the end of Raazi, is that we no longer have the right to demand anything from anyone… never. And that we should just continue to work hard & smart and harder & smarter until you yourself have made things better for others, considering what some people have done for the country and its citizens…

The other thing that strikes you is what an amazingly talented and brilliant actor Alia Bhatt is. Her baby face notwithstanding, she delivers performances that could rival those by any veteran actor… She’s delivered a serious performance here. I’m talking like Meryl Streep in the Deer Hunter level of performance.


Coming to the film, per-se, the story, being based on a book about a real person & real events – is actually quite straightforward, with the expected twists. It is the screenplay that has been crafted which makes it as gripping as it is… The dialogues are appropriately simplistic. No need for crazy dramatics. Overall, a job well done by the writers.

Visually, the film is appropriately plain & non-glossy. Well shot. The production design is excellent and by using limited locations and cheating with angles, the film creates good authenticity of the period.

What really lifts the film is the Editing. An excellent ‘cut-the-fat’ edit by Nitin Baid. And that’s exactly what the film needed. Unnecessary long-drawn scenes with pointless dribble would have killed the taut atmosphere that the film has created and maintained throughout. Background score helped with the same too.

Overall, excellent work by Meghna Gulzar on the directing, writing & dialogues. Kudos.



There’s absolutely NO doubt that this is entirely Alia Bhatt’s film. I dunno if Alia does method or not but whatever she did to prepare for this role, it worked so damn well. Not in a single scene did I notice anything but excellence in her performance 🙂 Wah!!!

Vicky Kaushal is fine in an understated role. Jaideep Ahlawat and Shishir Sharma are excellent in their multi-layered roles. Rest of the ensemble deliver well.

All-in-all, Raazi is a must-see. In theatres. Twice!

P.S. Was really happy & proud of Whistling Woods alumni Nitin Baid’s work as an editor here. So good. Also, happy to see alumni Konark Saxena as Assistant Editor & Vinay Jogi as Production Assistant… #WhistlingWoodsAlumniSuccesses