Andhadhun – Jai SriRam!!!

Andhadhun is possibly the most intriguing film I’ve seen in years… And I watch atleast 10 films a month in the theatres. Sriram Raghavan is the king, nay Emperor of all he purveys.

In short, Andhadhun is FUCKIN BRILLIANT!!!

They say it all starts in the writing. And ‘they’ couldn’t be truer. The story & screenplay of this film is fantastic! I saw some 5 names in the writing credits so I don’t know who has done what but whatever it may be – all of them deserve major kudos for this brilliant script. When you expect something to happen, it doesn’t. And when you don’t expect anything to happen, it always does.

KU Mohanan’s cinematography combined with Pooja Surti’s editing create incredible visual tension and temporal pace in the story. Something in ALWAYS happening. There are so many hidden easter eggs / red herrings in this film that you almost have to see it twice!

As a director-writer, Sriram Raghavan is out-bloody-standing! Really, the king of thrillers!

Performances are almost like never before. Tabu is ageless – both in her looks and her genius performance. Ayushmann is a revelation in a very different role. Radhika Apte, surprisingly is the most regular aspect of the film. Zakir Hussain, Chhaya Kadam and Manav Vij support excellently. Anil Dhawan (yea, the same guy who was in that song ‘Teri agaliyon Mein…’) is excellent in a short but effective role. Overall, brilliant ensemble acting. And more importantly, Sriram has built a brilliant story around just 15-odd actors. Wah!

All-in-all, Andhadhun is a must-see, back-to-back!!! Jai ShriRam!!!

Stree – the horror-comedy genre rises…

There are very very few films where you’re laughing your ass off and shitting bricks at the same time. Stree is one such film. Your body and brain is confused as to what state to be in – expectation of fear or expectation of humour… And that’s the hallmark of an incredibly well crafted film… Stree has given birth to the horror-comedy genre in Hindi cinema…

The story is both fantastical and realistic. Structured excellently and garnished with excellent dialogues. Extremely well written film. Raj-DK have killed it!

The visuals, cinematography, VFX and production design is near perfect. The editor deserves extra credit for ensuring that the tension and pace of the film is as engaging… Background score adds significantly to the film.

Amar Kaushik excels at direction and at ensuring that justice is done to the writing…

Performances are excellent. Rajkumar Rao (who is almost in every scene of the film) and Pankaj Tripathi stand out. Shraddha Kapoor does an excellent job in a rather different role (for her). Aparshakti Khurana & Abhishek Bannerjee support very well. Excellent ensemble acting overall.

All-in-all, Stree is a must-see. No wonder it has already crossed 120Cr India BO. If you haven’t seen it already, see it NOW!!!